Approved Shampoo Bar Has Sold Out Twice Already

Drew Barrymore isn’t afraid to show off her love for all things pretty. The Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar is the secret to her healthy, smooth tresses, according to the actress and businesswoman.

Barrymore, the brand’s newest spokeswoman, uploaded a video on TikTok earlier this month (the same video was shared on her Instagram in August) showing how she converted her unwashed locks into a “shiny, clean” mane.

The Whole Blends Shampoo Bar has already sold out twice since its premiere this summer. The new bestseller comes in four different versions to suit different hair types — “there’s something for everyone,” as Barrymore puts it — including a restoring bar for dry, damaged hair, a softening bar for fine to normal hair, a hydrating bar for normal hair, and a strengthening bar for brittle, weakened hair.

According to Barrymore, each mix has elements like honey, coconut oil, aloe vera, and ginger, which nourish the hair enough to eliminate the need for conditioner. “The brush moves smoothly through the hair. There are no tangles. I didn’t use conditioner once more “She mentioned this after she had washed her hair.

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Barrymore isn’t the only one who thinks the plastic-free option is great; all four variants have received hundreds of five-star evaluations. Many customers indicate that after just one usage, they’ve switched from bottled shampoo to this shampoo bar, claiming that it leaves a wonderful, mild aroma, lathers up nicely, and doesn’t damage their color-treated hair.

This dandruff-soothing shampoo bar “cured it in one shot,” according to one reviewer who said they’d “tried everything to repair their flakes.”

“Even after I use my $36 bottle of shampoo and $36 bottle of conditioner, I have to spray my hair down with a leave-in conditioner to help with tangles,” said one reviewer. “Didn’t have to do that with this bar.

Lathered up really good, rinsed out, and was able to comb my hair right after with zero issues. This will save me a lot of money and hair. Definitely switching over!”

“I usually wash my hair every three days, but I’ve been able to stretch it longer after using the bar,” said another. “I put it on a soap tray and leave it outside the shower in between uses so it doesn’t stay moist.

The price is so cheap compared to other shampoo bars, I will never buy shampoo in a bottle again.”

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