Avoid these mistakes while waxing at home

Many women have resorted to waxing at home, especially during the period of home quarantine due to the Corona epidemic. 

While the epidemic is nearing its end, some have stuck to this habit and we know how convenient it is for some people. 

But even though you may be a professional at home waxing, there are a few things you should keep in mind while doing the job. Here are some mistakes to avoid while waxing at home.

1- Unprepared skin

It is essential to prepare your skin for a homogeneous and smooth waxing. To get rid of any dirt, sweat, or grime, wipe your skin with a damp towel or tissue, and then pat the skin dry with a towel. 

Creams or gels before waxing keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from drying out or flaking excessively after waxing. 

Applying generous amounts of talcum powder to your skin before the waxing process also ensures a smooth and delicate hair removal experience.

2- Use extra wax

During waxing, all that is required is a very small layer of wax on each area of ​​your skin. Your hair is held in place by a thin layer of wax and is easily removed thanks to its stickiness. 

If you apply too much wax, the hair will come out unevenly. Plus, it can leave a waxy residue on your skin. The best way to work in this case is to apply a thin layer of wax. 

Simply place a new wax strip on top, reheat it slightly, and quickly pull off the wax residue. Applying thick layers of wax wastes unnecessary wax removal fluid.

3- Suitable temperature for liquid wax

Getting the wax at the right temperature is one of the most important steps in the waxing process. 

The temperature of the wax is directly related to how effective the hair removal is. When applied, the very cold wax will clump and will not stick effectively to the skin. 

If the wax is too hot, you are at risk of burning your skin. Before applying the wax to your skin, set it at room temperature for 5-7 minutes to prevent this. 

Make sure the texture is easy on the leather and has a caramel-like texture.

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