Because you deserve it, gift yourself a portable cosmetic box

From the brand BEAUTIFECT, we have chosen the perfect gift for you for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Why should you wait for someone to give you a piece you need when you can get it yourself?

Here we are talking about the BEAUTIFECT Portable Cosmetic Box that redefines the makeup experience.

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The box, which is equipped with advanced technologies, elevates the daily beauty routine by providing cosmetics and skincare at all times, as it is an inspiring innovation that is necessary to shine with a great look while saving time, effort, and trouble, making it the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

The lighting system of the Beautiful Box perfectly simulates five lighting conditions and provides three brightness settings to suit different lighting conditions, namely evening lighting, office lighting, photo lighting, daylighting, and incandescent lighting.

The system is equipped with an advanced chromatic scale of more than 90 degrees that allows you to see real colors and shades for the perfect look at all times.

The lightweight case is rechargeable and lasts up to a month when fully charged, in addition to a large size distortion-free glass mirror and a magnetic magnification mirror up to 5 times with laptop-inspired hinges that allow the mirror to tilt and install at any angle, and a system Clever storage for pens, brushes and shadow boxes.

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