Eyebrow whitening is the latest trend this fall, do you try it?

History has shown that the cries repeat themselves in almost successive cycles; Now we’re seeing the ’90s make a comeback in fashion, makeup, and hairstyles – but who would have thought that one of the Renaissance trends would come back today? Brow bleaching was one of the beauty trends of the Renaissance (between the fifteenth […]

Parfums de Marly reveals its top picks for fall fragrances

Parfums de Marly, the French luxury perfume house, has announced the release of its own collection of fragrances for the fall season, which includes Oriana and Delina La Rosée, which are the perfect choice for this transitional period of the year. Oriana is one of the most prominent fragrances that celebrates the confident female presence […]

Treating acne scars it leaves on the face

Acne is a skin disease that affects the skin and is associated with skin irritation and inflammation, resulting from changes in the skin pores and sebaceous glands, which contribute to the excessive secretion of oils accompanied by clogged pores due to the presence of a natural layer of dead skin cells, here fatty secretions gather […]

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