Blue comes back from the 80s to shade your eyes in 2022

It was one of the most popular colors in the makeup of the eighties and nineties; The shade of the eyelids was blue, in all its shades, especially the pure blue – and it may have gained a bad reputation later because it was part of a combination of using strong, explicit colors not only in the eyes but also on the cheeks and lips, a look that did not gain much popularity after that catch him.

But it is back in force to lead the most prominent makeup trends for 2022, to regain its lost position for more than a decade, and to ensure that the blue will remain present.

We have begun to notice the return of the blue color to the eyes of first-graders like Jennifer Lopez, for example, who showed us an amazing eye makeup, in which a blue-gray color stands out, contrasting with the color of her bronze skin and hair, and this contrast creates a beautiful look, as usual, stealing the lights and eyes in every detail of her.

It seems that nostalgia, in addition to repeating fashions and trends every once in a while, is the secret behind the return of blue shades to eye make-up again, and it is also the secret of restoring many touches of the late last century and the beginning of the 2000s to appear and become popular again in various fields, especially fashion and makeup.

And do not hesitate to adopt blue for the shade of your eyelids this year, the most important thing about this trend is that blue returns in its various shades from baby blue or cyan, to frank dark blue, whether in its matte or shiny and metallic shades, to suit all skin colors, and every makeup style from Classic soft to dramatic smokey.

Choose your favorite shades of blue eyeshadow, and stand out with your makeup every day.


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