Dyson’s Hair Tools Just Got a Major Style Upgrade

Dyson’s hair tools are unquestionably some of the best when it comes to cutting-edge style. The high-tech brand’s trifecta of premium stylers is pricey, but you can’t get salon-like results with any other curling wand or blow dryer.

If you need another reason to buy a high-end model for yourself — or a loved one, given it’s (nearly) holiday season — consider this: Dyson’s gift packages have finally arrived, and they’re even better than last year. To prepare for the approaching season, the brand on every beauty lover’s wish list has updated its hairstyling favorites with new Prussian blue and deep copper editions.

The limited-edition color scheme, which is inspired by Dyson’s Electric Vehicle initiative, can be found on each matching attachment, brush, travel bag, and storage box included in the gift packages.

The headliner of the Dyson Airwrap gift set is, of course, the Dyson Airwrap styling device. This hair tool may appear to be a standard curling iron at first appearance, but it is actually one of the most adaptable styles available.

According to Dyson engineering lead Veronica Alanis, the fundamental characteristic of this tool is its use of the Coanda effect, an aerodynamic approach that provides the Airwrap its style power.

“The Airwrap’s motor spins to produce a high-pressure zone at the top of the styling barrel,” she explains. “The Coanda effect is created by a high-velocity jet of air dispersing out of six air holes around the barrel, causing the hair to coil around the barrel to style.”

The Airwrap also incorporates Dyson’s heat-control technology, which allows it to style at a lower temperature while preserving hair from harsh heat damage. The gift package will also include all 11 styling attachments for generating a variety of curls and waves in Prussian blue and rich copper.

The Coanda effect also applies to the Supersonic Hair Dryer’s Flyaway Attachment. This add-on replicates the “brush and blow-dry” technique used by hairstylists to achieve a glossy, silky blowout.

“The whole objective of blow-drying is to get silky hair,” hairstylist Cherin Choi of ROIL Salon in Los Angeles previously told Allure. “Sometimes people just want to treat the roots and flyaways, so if there’s a speedier way to style the hair without overheating it, I can see a value to this.”

The Coanda effect is not used by the Dyson Corrale hair straightener, but it does have flexible copper-based plates. According to Alanis, these plates bend to catch and uniformly distribute the heat on each strand, preventing snagging and breakage in the process. “With this increased control, excellent styles can be made with less reliance on heat, lowering damage by half,” she explains.

Each of the gift bundles will be available on dyson.com and in Dyson Demo Stores beginning September 23. Prices will range from $430 to $600.

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