Eyebrow whitening is the latest trend this fall, do you try it?

History has shown that the cries repeat themselves in almost successive cycles; Now we’re seeing the ’90s make a comeback in fashion, makeup, and hairstyles – but who would have thought that one of the Renaissance trends would come back today?

Brow bleaching was one of the beauty trends of the Renaissance (between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries AD) – a period that is certainly far from the 1990s, but it is making a comeback this season, to be seen on the faces of the most famous fashion stars and Hollywood stars.

Kim Kardashian began the search for whitened eyebrows, after appearing on social media, with a new block with bleached eyebrows. Lee Lee James, Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, Bella and JJ Hadid, and Julia Fox, all adopted this trend in their latest looks for various prominent events, including the Met Gala.

 If you are thinking of adopting this trend for this season, all the beauty and makeup experts advise you not to rely on yourself to bleach your eyebrows on your own at all / and to rely on specialists, because they will be able to give your eyebrows the appropriate color for your skin and hair color, and avoid your eyebrows turning orange due to lack of Experience with using bleaching products or how long you need to leave them on your eyebrows.

We see this trend needs a lot of daring because it changes the look a lot; We hardly knew the pictures of Kim, Kendall and the rest of the celebrities in this look; Are you thinking of trying it?

Stay Trendy, Stay Beautiful, Stay Stella

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