Get flawless skin with Photo Finish Face Veil Primer

Exploiting the hydrating and healing powers of naturally balanced Himalayan eye water is the basis of Herbal Essentials’ high potency solutions for modern skin concerns.

With its core principles rooted in nature, the brand addresses the skin concerns of consumers who need balance through ethical, high-performance, and affordable skincare solutions.

The much-loved Middle Eastern skincare brand Herbal Essentials is delighted to launch its new Photo Finish Face Veil Primer in the region, available online at Kibsons and Lifestyle as well as at Lifestyle stores across the UAE. The signature primer is the newest version of their range and complements the brand’s rich, effective products for skin that always look healthy and youthful.

It’s natural that we all want flawless and radiant skin, but we don’t all have the time every morning to apply full face makeup to get there. Herbal Essentials has created the solution by launching its new primer that contains Hyaluronic Acid and a complexion-modifying complex.

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It visibly covers imperfections, smoothes the skin, and adds a soft and delicate radiance. Your complexion will glow from within and instantly look perfect.

With 90% natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, this vegan, animal-friendly primer is suitable for all skin types. Apply it after your moisturizer as the final step in your skincare routine and achieve flawless, flawless skin. The main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, visibly plumps skin, blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The amazing product also contains Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, known for its healing, soothing and hydrating properties. This product will give you the confidence you need to feel the beauty of your skin!

Herbal Essentials products are cruelty-free and at least 90% of their ingredients are naturally sourced with an innovative INCI list that does not include harmful ingredients such as mineral oils, sulfates, or parabens. Most of their assortment is certified vegetarian as well.

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