Meghan Markle’s Favorite Eyelash Serum Is Now Available on Amazon in the Holiday Beauty Haul

You read that correctly: Meghan Markle’s favorite lash serum is available at Amazon’s Holiday Cosmetic Haul, along with a plethora of other beauty goods at steep prices!

There’s no denying Meghan Markle has a distinct beauty style. (The duchess glows especially brightly in her jaw-dropping conversation with Oprah.)

Long before she became a princess, the former Suits actress was known for her luminous skin and textured loose waves, and she has been open about the products she used to accomplish it in previous interviews, on her now-defunct blog, and on her social media profile.

Meghan has been hush-hush about her vanity table lineup since becoming the Duchess of Sussex, but we’ve dug out the times she disclosed her favorite makeup, skincare, and hair products, as well as advice from professionals who have worked with her for years.

Dermstore is now celebrating 22 years in business with a sale, and you can grab Meghan Markle’s favorite lash lengthener as well as some of her other favorite cosmetic items.

Whatever your skin, cosmetics, hair, or other beauty needs are, Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul is sure to have everything you’re searching for. Whether you have blocked pores, dry skin, sensitive skin, dark spots, uneven skin, fine lines, or other skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and beauty needs, Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul has a solution for you.

But, if you’re wondering what ET Style’s must-have goods from the sale are, we’ve gathered them all together for you to shop below.

Shop Meghan Markle’s favorite cosmetic items ahead at Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul:

Photo Source Amazon

Buy It Here!

Photo Source Amazon

Buy It Here!

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