Shoppers Say This $7 Volumizer Makes Thinning Hair ‘Fuller, Shinier, and Feel Amazing to Touch’

Mousse had a bad reputation once upon a time. Regrettably, it was merited. It only takes a quick glance at images from the ’80s (or Friends episodes from that era) to see the massive, crispy haircuts it encouraged, while curl-focused mousses offered consumers ringlets crunchier than a McDonald’s fry through the ’90s.

Despite its heritage (pun intended), John Frieda has solved the secret and created a $7 whipped hydrator that delivers customers thick, lustrous hair.

According to over 1,700 raving fans, the brand’s Volume Lift Air Whipped Foam is the uncommon mousse that makes even thinning hair “fuller, shinier, and feel great to the touch,” a 180 from the brittle impacts of the past.

“Air-Silk technology” plumps strands for silky, supple, “much thicker” hair, according to the manufacturer, and reviewers are completely thrilled.

“I have used almost every product for fine hair to get volume there is,” one individual says of their quest for volume with plenty of “baby-fine” hair. “This is by far the best I’ve found! I’ve tried expensive items, low-cost items, and anything else that promised to perform the job, and none of it worked.

This smells great, you don’t need much, it doesn’t seem to build up, and it lasts.” “It’s the first time in my life (other than if I’ve had a perm) that I can get up in the morning and still have some style and body to my hair,” a different person says.

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Volume Lift Air Whipped Foam by John Frieda,

$6.93 (was $9.49);


Another customer says it “works like a charm” on their thin hair, creating the illusion of plentiful locks even on hair that’s “straight as an arrow” with little natural volume. They say the mousse allows them to go longer between washes because it doesn’t leave their hair sticky or hard, and the oil remains gone for days.

According to many reviewers, the moisturizing impact is critical. “Because I have delicate, thin hair, I require a product that is neither too heavy nor too drying.

This stuff is fantastic “says a follower “It’s light and gives my hair body, but it doesn’t weigh it down or dry it out like other mousses. I am overjoyed!” It’s also the type of formula that works whether you apply it wet to coax out curls, heat style it, or apply it to dry hair.

Finally, someone writes: “I’m 64 and cancer [patient] on a hormone inhibitor, which causes my hair to thin, so I’m always seeking for ways to make it appear thicker and fuller. With this product, I hit the jackpot.

” They continue, saying: “With the volume mousse and a blow-dry, I appear to have twice the amount of hair I actually do. This is fantastic.” There’s a reason why so many people claim it’s the best mousse they’ve ever had. To see what all the hype is about, give it a shot for yourself.

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