This Hydrating Face Oil Is the Secret to a Radiant Glow

It’s no secret that staying hydrated and arming yourself with the correct products to give your skin a glowy boost are the keys to a glowing complexion.

So, what will assist you in achieving that lit-from-within appearance? We contacted a few celebrity makeup artists to break the beans, and we were astonished to learn that they’ve all been going for the same product to prep their star clients’ skin before big appearances and events.

Several beauty experts praised Biography’s Golden Ray Glow Drops, a radiance-boosting, hydrating face oil made with active chemicals and botanicals such as French marine algae, carrot seed oil, and a particular fruit seed complex that has worked miracles on many renowned faces.

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Biography Golden Ray Glow Drops


Makeup artist Brett Freedman uses this miracle worker on clients like Jodie Foster, Sarah Silverman, and Anne Winters, and claims it’s very relaxing to the skin. “Facial oils are a must-have for my customer Sarah Silverman.” Specifically to maintain her skin serene, dewy, and natural-looking. She’s been known to slather on oils and go bare-faced all day with just a little of cheek or lip tint and mascara.

“Oil is a light substance. So, if you’re used to a fuller-bodied feel on your skin, facial oils won’t provide it. They’re sheer, but they’re powerful. Oils are really popular right now. Surprisingly, younger actors are adopting facial oils, despite the fact that they were “tailored-made for persons of a specific age,” he noted.

“I actually used a bit of Golden Ray blended with her moisturizer to give it a sheerer, lighter feel when I glammed Jodie Foster for the Cannes Film Festival.” “I like the one-two punch of a lighter base combined with a lot of hydration,” Freedman adds.

Biography also carries a number of other powerful complexion products that are popular with makeup artists and celebrities alike.

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Biography Petty Grudges Renew Drops


“My go-to is the Golden Ray Glow Drops, but I also love their Petty Grudges Drops, which are fantastic for blurring the look of lines,” says makeup artist Monika Blunder, who has worked with Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Naomi Watts. Watts was introduced to the brand by Blunder, who now carries Biography goods at her ONDA stores, which are stocked with clean cosmetic brands that the actress personally vets.

As if that wasn’t enough, makeup artist Georgie Eisdell, whose A-list clients include Carey Mulligan, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Dakota Johnson, personally prefers the Long June Everyday Drops to prevent acne breakouts but utilizes all of the formulas on her clients.

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Biography Long June Everyday Drops


Eisdell also first exposed Mulligan to the Golden Ray Glow Drops this summer during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Biography Few Words Shave Drops


It’s official: these drops are nothing short of amazing, and we recommend grabbing a few bottles before they run out.

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