This Moisturizer Is The World’s Greatest Lotion According to Shoppers

It’s unknown what’s in L.A.’s water, but it appears that every celebrity and their mother has decided to enter the world of beauty.

Cindy Crawford was ahead of the curve when she founded Meaningful Beauty in 2009, and in the decades afterward, we’ve seen celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Carmen Electra get into the skincare game.

So when Ashley Benson announced earlier this summer that she would be collaborating with skincare brand Hempz rather than going it alone, it was a nice change.

Hempz often goes unnoticed in drugstores, yet it’s a perennial best-seller on Amazon and at Ulta. According to the brand’s website, the Herbal Moisturizer is Ulta’s third best-selling body lotion, and several smells of the same lotion are spread among Amazon’s top-sellers in the category.

Given the popularity of the moisturizer, it’s no surprise that Benson names the brand’s Original Herbal Body Moisturizer as one of her favorites — and customers are equally enamored, particularly with the Fresh Coconut and Watermelon variants.

The body lotion receives over 11,000 five-star ratings from Amazon reviewers, with over 1,000 of them leaving a nice review in addition to their full scores. Is there a common thread?

Whereas other lotions can feel thick, gluey, or oily, Hempz’s thin texture belies its extremely moisturizing power, earning it the moniker “lotion for lotion haters.”

“I don’t like to wear lotion, even though I need to. If a lotion is greasy or heavy feeling at all, I will wipe it off as soon as it’s on,” continues the self-proclaimed lotion hater. “This stuff is different. So light and creamy, dries with a fresh feeling, [and] not heavy or greasy at all… I keep this lotion year-round. My fave, hands down.”

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Other desperate consumers found solace in it: “I have had about with extremely itchy skin post-chemo and radiation treatments, and this stuff has been incredible. Goes on smooth and is fairly thin, but very effective at moisturizing.”

According to other reviewers, it also works well with eczema, including one individual whose skin condition generally does not tolerate scented lotions. The lotion’s ingredients, which include shea butter, hemp seed oil, sunflower seed oil, cucumber extract, chamomile extract, and avocado extract, contribute to its calming properties.

As Benson said in a press release, that smart sourcing drew her to the brand. “I am a longtime fan of the trailblazing company and am excited to be partnering with them.

I always look for products that make a difference for my skin and hair while still being vegan and cruelty-free. Hempz checks all those boxes, plus the beauty and wellness benefits of hemp seed oil.

Plant oils are a game-changer for skin, especially because they make dry skin “smooth as silk” in the Hempz recipe. And the hydration lasts through long days of work, errands, workouts, and several outfit changes, earning it the title of “world’s greatest lotion.” It “drastically” calms skin peeling after sunburns, too, and as a bonus, fans say it makes wrinkles “seem to disappear.”

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