Treating acne scars it leaves on the face

Acne is a skin disease that affects the skin and is associated with skin irritation and inflammation, resulting from changes in the skin pores and sebaceous glands, which contribute to the excessive secretion of oils accompanied by clogged pores due to the presence of a natural layer of dead skin cells, here fatty secretions gather under the clogged pores,

Which provides the right atmosphere for acne bacteria to multiply and become active, thus irritating the skin, and creating a harmful area on the surface of the skin, in the face area, and it may spread on the chest, shoulders, and arms, and in order to treat this disease and its effects, we will provide you with the most natural and guaranteed methods.

Treat acne scars with honey and lemon

Honey is one of the natural antiseptic elements that help treat acne, it contains soothing properties that revitalize the skin, while lemon contains nourishing properties for your skin, as well as its acidic nature helps kill bacteria and cleanse the skin, author and author Ronald Ross Watson confirmed ) in his book (Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables), that lemon is characterized by its effective activity against the bacteria that form acne.

As for honey, it has antibacterial properties that protect the skin and rid it of impurities, and this is what was stated in a study conducted by the Department of Physiology and Biological Functions at the College of Medicine and (KPC) Hospital, in cooperation with the Department of Zoology at Gurudas College in India. Honey has antimicrobial properties, and to be able to treat acne, follow these steps regularly to get satisfactory results:

  1. Bring a tablespoon of honey, and four drops of lemon juice.
  2. Mix the above ingredients well, then rub them on your face.
  3. Leave it on your face to dry, then wash it with cold water.


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